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Dr. Pavlina Drogoudi

Dr. Pavlina Drogoudi

Researcher Director, Department of Deciduous Fruit Trees, Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources, Hellenic Agricultural Organisation-DIMITRA

She graduated in horticulture (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), and pursued PhD studies in environmental plant physiology at Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, and postdoctoral training at the University of New Castle in UK. 

Since 2003 she has been working at ELGO- DIMITRA. Her areas of expertise are in the field of fruit tree cultivar evaluation and breeding and the study of environmental parameters and cultivation practices affecting their agronomical performance. She is currently interested in peach and apricot. She is responsible for the Greek germplasm bank mainly for stone fruit. 

She is an active member of the ECPGR, Prunus working group and the EUFRIN for peach and apricot networks. She participated as a project leader or research team in 20 EU or National funded projects. To date, she has been the author of more than 60 papers in referred journals (h-15).


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