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Marcello Guidi

Marcello Guidi

Export Sales Coordinator at Apofruit Italia

Mr Guidi is currently the Export Sales Coordinator at Apofruit Italia since February 2021, where he oversees the sales activities for the European market. Apofruit Italia is a cooperative specializing in the production of high-quality Italian horticultural products, including fruits and vegetables. Before this, he held the position of Salesman Europe at Apofruit Italia for eight years, starting in February 2016. 

Mr Guidi’s area of expertise covers the grape product category (he has been the Grapes Category Manager at Apofruit Italia since July 2019), apricots (he has been the Apricots Category Manager since January 2020) and he follows directly kiwifruits sales. Mr. Guidi holds a Master’s degree from Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, where he specialized in the Faculty of Agraria, graduating with distinction in 2015. 

Before his master’s studies, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Marketing in the Agro-Industrial System at the same university in 2013.


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